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Entrusted by hospitals, governments, businesses for over 10 years. We provide safe, secure language solutions conducted by consummate professionals who, like us, are committed to the craft of interpretation and translation.


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Convenient. Cost-effective. And completely reliable. Get access to interpreters in over 200 languages, both on-demand and by appointment. And with easy setup and flexible billing, our services will fit seamlessly into your operations.


Interpret professionally for Liberty Language Services.

The global community needs masterful interpreters who are fast and accurate. Are you ready to join a proud community of extraordinarily competent multilingual communicators?

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For a whole decade, we’ve proudly served the public and private sectors with integrity and a commitment to empowering communication. We offer access to highly trained language professionals across all modalities.


The human voice is an invaluable tool for communicating. Whether on-site or over the phone, our highly qualified interpreters ensure that you can communicate with anyone in over 200 languages.


In a global society, the written word has become crucial. Accurately translate vital documents like depositions, contracts, personal documentation, and more.

Virtual Remote Interpretation / Telemedicine

When in-person meetings aren’t an option and face-to-face interactions are important, Liberty interpreters vault over language barriers to connect you with people.

The Academy of Interpretation

The Academy of Interpretation (the AOI) launched on January 3rd, 2022 to set a quality of standard in the language services industry.

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When you encounter a language barrier, you need a trusted company that can bridge that gap in communication. Liberty Language Services offers a full suite of language services. We’re proud that every single one of our interpreters are highly trained and rigorously credentialed in each specialty. They’re also fully compliant with all standards in all the major industries.


Interpreter Spotlight: Meet Luisa Alvizu

Interpreter Spotlight: Meet Luisa Alvizu

Luisa Alvizu is a Spanish language interpreter in medical settings. This is the latest in our series of blog posts highlighting the variety of careers available in the field of interpreting, and the variety of professional language specialists who work as Liberty...

Fluency, Inc Announces Partnership with the Academy of Interpretation (the AOI)

Fluency, Inc Announces Partnership with the Academy of Interpretation (the AOI)

CARMICHAEL, California, April 2022 – The Academy of Interpretation, an online education platform for the language services industry, has partnered with Fluency, the leader in interpreter scheduling solutions. Together they bring affordable, credentialed, and accessible online training courses on demand to any language service provider that opts into the program.

Interpreter Spotlight: Meet Janine Eid

Interpreter Spotlight: Meet Janine Eid

Janine Eid is an Arabic and French language interpreter in all types of settings. This is the latest in our series of Liberty Language Services Blog posts highlighting the variety of careers available in the field of interpreting, and the variety of professional...

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This is a very special profession that requires commitment, dedication, and constant practice. That’s why we’re proud to bring you The Beat, a professional development newsletter for interpreters and translators.

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