Working With a Translation Service: How Can you Verify Accuracy

Dec 18, 2020

It can be nerve-racking when a business takes the first steps into discovering a new culture with their company. Translation services are the bridge between English, Spanish, Chinese, and any other written language.

Since a translation service is crucial to your business growth, we want to help by providing the tools you’ll need to verify your translation accuracy. Finding the correct type of translator is essential to start, but you have many tools at your disposal to guarantee that your business is producing a quality product.

If you are interested in healthcare, government, education, or legal translations, Liberty Language Services specializes in translation in these industries. We have a proven process that works every time in these highly professional settings.

Lay Out your Goals with the Translator

As with almost any service, if the project’s goals aren’t laid out, the result can be disappointing. The first tip that we have is to lay out your translation service plans clearly with your translator.

This will help verify accuracy and accomplish your goals more quickly with less editing and adjustments after.

The things you’ll want to include are:

  1. How quickly you’d like the first draft back
  2. The process you’d like followed throughout (Editing, who to send it to, etc.)
  3. What format you’d like the materials returned in
  4. If you’d like them to stay strictly with the text or have more freedom with the text
  5. The style of the material you’d like to maintain (Business, casual, technical, medical, etc.)

Once the goals are clearly outlined with the translation service, it will make the entire process much more smooth.

Finding A Translator

There are a few criteria you can look into when finding a translator. Sometimes looking online is the best choice, but other times you’ll want to look for a local translator for the people in your area.

You want a local translator at times because your area may have slang or jargon that online translators aren’t aware of. An example would be how people speak in Texas versus New York.

People in New York will be more interested in information given to them in their colloquial language, versus standard English. The same situation happens in foreign languages, so finding a local and asking is often the best choice!

Verify Auto-Translation Wasn’t Used

All translators claim that their translation will be the best translation that you can find. Unfortunately, some translators will use translation software like Google Translate to get a job done quickly.

When it comes to translation, quality is much more important than speed. If you have a project returned to you too quickly, you may want to be skeptical.

The best way to verify this is to run the translator’s foreign text through your auto-translation software. This way, you can see if there are common phrases that were misinterpreted or simple words were changed with ones that don’t quite have the same meaning.

For example, if the sentence you wrote was, “This unique situation is common in technology,” but the translation you get back in Google says, “This uncommon thing happens in technology,” you’ll know that it was a sloppy translation of what you wanted to say.

This is a check that you can do quickly throughout the document to see if anything stands out immediately.

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Have a Post-Translation Review Done

Hiring a second company to do a post-translation review is typically cheaper and faster than the initial translation since they don’t have to translate the text completely. This will provide you with feedback from a second native speaker on how accurate the text seems.

This is extremely common in translation services, so most companies will be more than happy to check over things to ensure that you get the results you want from your translation services.

You can always submit a translation to another service and request that a post-translation review is done. Liberty Language Services is happy to help with this and provide accurate, actionable feedback for your business.

Ensure The Translation Service Uses An Editor

We recommend asking a translator if they have a secondary editor to review the project after the initial translator goes through it. This shows that the company you are paying, values quality and accuracy in their translation services.

Every translator needs an editor to be fully polished at the end of a project, even in someone’s native language. If you wrote a book or a blog, you’d want someone to look over it after to find mistakes.

The same goes for translation services. If a translation service wants to provide a top-quality product, they will have an editor look over it afterward.

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What You Want When Looking For A Translator

There are some common themes when searching for a translator. There are specialty translators, local translators, and specific guidelines you may want to follow.

All of this will help make the result of a translation better for your business. The most important results of translation that we’ve found over the years, are after the project is finished.

Verifying translation services has never been easier. Other businesses are willing to help, and there are auto-translators to help check any apparent mistakes.

If you are looking for a consultation or any help related to translation services, Liberty Language services thoroughly enjoys providing the best translation in the world. Any business can benefit from translation and interpretation, and we are here to help you expand!

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